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Use the Power of Artificial Intelligence to Diagnose, Troubleshoot & Repair

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Give your team the AI toolkit

The LLM is specifically designed for diagnosis and repair. Covering tens of thousands of OEM manuals, public forums, repair videos, and our proprietary data, diagnosis and repairs are as easy as a quick chat message.

  • Custom Diagnosis Questions

  • Personalized Troubleshooting Questions

  • Step-by-Step Repair Support

Tap into the LLM 24/7

Integrate into the API to power your employees or customers via our easily installed web chat solution or have a dedicated SMS number for in-the-field access. Our MLOps infrastructure is built to support millions of concurrent requests for any scale your company requires.

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How does the LLM work? handles the complexities of collecting massive amounts of text data from multiple online and offline sources, the evolving neural network architectures, distributed training, and serving models around the clock. We can quickly ingest text and video content specific to your products, industry or category to support your diagnosis and repair challenges.
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How up-to-date is the LLM?

FIY is the leading data source for user manuals, diagnosis & repair problem solutions and we are growing rapidly to support all brands and categories. While we leverage current LLMs for language prediction and general knowledge, supports our own knowledge database enabling the highest quality troubleshooting steps, model level support, and individual user training.

What categories do you cover?

We are building fast! Currently we support major home appliances and PCs but we launch new models, categories and brands every week.
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What is the pricing tiers?

Great question! API keys with LLMs are in the early stages.
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