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Contextual Search of Manuals, PDFs, and Training Documents

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Give your team the FIY AI toolkit semantic search model leverages our proprietary artificial intelligence and search model to contextually search, reference, and timestamp maintenance or repair procedures.

Get the job done quickly and correctly with built-in troubleshooting and process tracking.

  • Your data is your own.
    100% Privacy

  • Accurate results with direct text attribution.

  • Step-by-step repair support in a conversational chat format.

Access via responsive web app and API

Integrate your company's manuals, PDFs, and training documents directly into a private instance of our web app or integrate our intelligent API into your current CMS, backend, or document storage solution. Our MLOps infrastructure is built to support millions of concurrent requests for any scale your company requires.

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How does the work?

We have built a simple solution that allows technicians and businesses to leverage 100% accurate troubleshooting steps geared for complex products and machinery. Given our partners require confidence at all levels of repair and maintenance, we have built a one-stop shop for anyone looking to streamline operations and have more insight into how day-to-day operations are running.
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Is our data and source materials private?

Yes! We offer partners their own private and secure ecosystem that's unique to them. Our system has file management, time-stamping and troubleshooting all baked into one product for you to leverage via mobile web app or API. In the future, we will be offering troubleshooting in a multi-modal way along with tools to manage labor and repair costs.

Why do you focus on highly complex equipment and not something less complex?

Highly complex machinery requires powerful, accurate, and comprehensive solutions that understand the importance of direct material reference, protection against AI hallucinations, and accurate records of the work and material reference accurately logged.

If you'd like for us to work with you on less complex equipment (home appliances, electronics etc.), please reach out. Our system can also handle this and deliver 100% accurate troubleshooting.
Contact Us today to explore your specific need and we can prioritize your solution.

What is multi-modal semantic search?

Multi-modal semantic search is a technology that interprets information from various data types like text, images, audio, and video using deep learning models. It allows for searches that understand context across different modalities, enabling users to perform nuanced queries beyond simple keyword matching. This approach can link a text query to relevant multimedia content or vice versa.

Why is multi-modal semantic search better than keyword search?

Multi-modal semantic search surpasses traditional keyword search by understanding the context and nuances of the query, thus providing more relevant results. It integrates various data types, enhancing the comprehensiveness and richness of the search outcomes. This technology improves user experience by enabling searches in one modality to retrieve information in another, enhancing accuracy and relevance.

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