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Contextual Search of Manuals, PDFs, and Training Documents

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Give your team the FIY AI toolkit semantic search model leverages our proprietary artificial intelligence and search model to contextually search, reference, and timestamp maintenance or repair procedures.

Get the job done quickly and correctly with built-in troubleshooting and process tracking.

  • Your data is your own.
    100% Privacy

  • Accurate results with direct text attribution.

  • Step-by-step repair support in a conversational chat format.

Access via iOS or integrate our API

Integrate your company's manuals, PDFs, and training documents directly into a private instance of our iOS app or integrate our intelligent API into your current CMS, backend, or document storage solution. Our MLOps infrastructure is built to support millions of concurrent requests for any scale your company requires.

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How does the work?

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Why aviation and heavy equipment?

Highly complex machinery requires powerful, accurate, and comprehensive solutions that understand the importance of direct material reference, protection against AI hallucinations, and accurate records of the work and material reference accurately logged.

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