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Better than reading an appliance Manual. Connect your customers to the best AI troubleshooting assistant. Multi-channel and fine-tuned to your data.
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Enhance your service quality, response time, and customer satisfaction effortlessly. Once installed, your support team will benefit from automated, intelligent responses and ticket routing, ensuring each customer inquiry is addressed with precision and speed.

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"My dishwasher is broken."

FIY refines a customer’s intent by prompting for additional context, improving the user’s experience as the interaction is more conversational, and ensuring that it provides relevant troubleshooting steps.


Clear pricing that scales with your Index

per month
Allowing up to
1000 manuals/documents and 20k queries

* 1 GB = approx. 200+ manuals
Allowable File Formats:
ZIP (of TXT or PDF)
Index File Transfer:
Google Cloud Staorage Upload
API Protocol: REST

How Secure is FIY API with Handling Sensitive Customer Data?

Security is our top priority. FIY API is built with robust security protocols to ensure the utmost protection of sensitive customer data. It adheres to industry-leading security standards and compliance requirements, offering not only enhanced customer support efficiency but also peace of mind regarding data privacy and security.

Is the Integration Process Complex?

Not at all! We’ve designed FIY API to be user-friendly and easy to integrate. With just a few clicks, you can have it up and running alongside your existing Zendesk setup. Our dedicated support team is also available to guide you through the integration process, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

How Does FIY API Enhance My Existing Zendesk Support System?

FIY API seamlessly integrates with your existing Zendesk platform, utilizing AI to enhance your customer support capabilities. It automates ticket responses, categorizes inquiries intelligently, and offers real-time troubleshooting solutions. This integration elevates your support efficiency, reduces response time, and improves customer satisfaction, allowing your team to focus on more complex issues.

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Elevate your customer service experience with the power of AI. FIY API is the key to unlocking efficient, automated, and intelligent support. Fill out our short contact form to discover the seamless integration and unmatched benefits tailored just for you!
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